Episode 1 - Call Someone

Cancer is tough and you need all the help you can get.  That’s why the Cancer Council has a number you can call to speak to nurses who know their stuff. Call 13 11 20.

You've had some of the worst news in the world...they're sure it's cancer.  What are you going to do now?  Maybe you know someone who had it, maybe all you know is the bad ending from a terrible movie.  Your doctor may have explained things very carefully but who can listen when you're feeling so overwhelmed?

If you have a friend or family member with a cancer diagnosis you need to keep calm for their sake but you probably have so many questions.

This is where the Australian Cancer Council can help. 13 11 20 is a free, confidential telephone information and support service run by Cancer Councils across Australia.

Anyone can call 13 11 20 specially trained staff are ready to answer your questions about cancer and offer emotional or practical support. 

There are no silly questions.  All you need to do is ask.

In this podcast you will meet two of the nurses who work on the phone lines.  Katherine Lane and Craig Morton